CIOs Need To Learn How To Become Futurists

I’ve got a quick question for you: how good is your ability to predict the future? If your skill in this area is anything like mine, you find yourself being constantly surprised by things that you simply didn’t see coming. As the person with the CIO job, you really can’t allow this to happen to […]

CIOs Need To Learn To Play HEAD Games

As the person with the CIO job you have access to a great deal of information. In fact, some would say that you have access to too much information. Making a decision about the importance of information technology can be a very difficult thing to do. You have a great deal of information sitting at […]

Why Mentors Are So Important For CIOs And How To Get Them

When you become a CIO, the reason that you’ve been able to achieve this position is because you know everything that you’ll ever have to know, right? You’ll never make a mistake again and every decision that you’ll make will be the right decision. Correct? I’m betting that you are probably shaking your head right […]

4 Ways That CIOs Can Start To Make Better Decisions

An important part of the job of being a CIO is the ability to make good decisions. Lots of good decisions. In fact, the ability to make more good decisions than bad decisions is arguably what allows a CIO to keep his / her job. Now the only problem is that it’s really, really hard […]

PayPal Outage Points To CIO Failure

The basic job of a CIO is to ensure that a company’s IT infrastructure operates smoothly and allows the company to conduct business. On Monday, August 3, 2009, PayPal’s CIO failed at this most basic of jobs. A quick check of PayPal’s senior management structure reveals that they don’t have a CIO position (which in […]

Faux Market Secrets: How CIOs Capture Innovation

So picture this: you’re a CIO and you desperately want to be seen by the rest of the C-level executives as something more than a simple cost center. What to do? If only there was some way that you could tap into all of that incredible creative energy that we all know lives in the […]

Who Gets To Make Decisions In Your IT Shop?

A recent study of 89 senior IT executives in a wide range of industries was done in order to get the answer to a seemingly simple question: who’s in charge here? In these days of reigned in IT spending, decisions about how much to spend and what to spend it on seem to have migrated […]

What Is The #1 IT Skill That A CIO Needs To Have?

Today’s CIOs are expected to have many more sets of skills than those that they followed did. One can only suspect that the CIOs of tomorrow will be faced with even higher expectations. Cloud computing, outsourcing, insourcing, business alignment, top line growth, bottom line growth – which one is the most important to know the […]

CRM News: The Business Of Information Technology Is Changing

With all of the changes that are once again starting to happen in IT, can you imagine how the big boys at SAP/Oracle/etc. (the traditional CRM vendors) are starting to feel? There is starting to be more and more talk about cloud computing and folks are even starting to play around with it — a […]