Are You Creating A Toxic Culture In The IT Department?

CIOs are responsible for the culture that they make in the IT department

Just by being the person with the CIO job you change things. Your department looks up to you for guidance in how they are supposed to behave. What a lot of people in the CIO position don’t realize is that within the IT department, all the way down the line of command, people are watching … Read more

Advice To CIOs: Don’t Do What I Did…

How long until you end up in jail? They say that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely, so it sure seems as though just about every CIO will eventually become corrupted. How far along that path are you? Would it help if you had a chance to talk to someone who had already … Read more

Two-Faced CIOs: Dr. Jekyll, Meet Mr. Hyde

Just imagine the day that you become CIO: you’ll be able to shed all of those past associations and friendships that have gotten you to this exalted position and finally you’ll be able to focus on what really matters: forging strong links with your company’s senior management. Well, sure, if you don’t really need to … Read more