Tough Decisions That CIOs Have To Make

So if you look back on the day that you become a CIO, you need to remember that nobody ever told you that this was going to be an easy job dealing with the importance of information technology. One of the reasons that being the person in the CIO position is such a tough job … Read more

7 Wrong Ways To Outsource Your IT Department

Outsourcing, off-shoring, call it what you will, it’s been with us long enough that you’d think that the rules for how to do it correctly would be well known, right? It turns out that this isn’t always the case. The current down economy is probably going to have most IT shops looking for ways to … Read more

IT Innovation Tips From GM’s CIO

Ok, so maybe this is not really the best time for this posting seeing as the desperate situation all three of the major U.S. manufactures are currently in due to the current recession. However, if you can put all of that aside for just a bit, then Ralph Szygenda who is the CIO at General … Read more