Can Auto CIOs Transform Their Companies Into Software Companies?

The best auto software will determine who controls the future of cars

Think about the car that you are currently driving. What components go into it? If you guessed metal, glass, and plastic then you would be correct – but you would have missed one key ingredient. Software. More and more the cars that we drive are being controlled and run by software. The problem is that … Read more

What CIOs Can Learn From GM About Eliminating Red Tape

If there is one thing that CIOs hate it’s red tape – bureaucratic roadblocks that keep the IT department from doing what it is supposed to be doing. The very definition of information technology is that it moves fast and adapts to dynamic situations – exactly what a company’s bureaucratic processes and barriers to success … Read more

IT Innovation Tips From GM’s CIO

Ok, so maybe this is not really the best time for this posting seeing as the desperate situation all three of the major U.S. manufactures are currently in due to the current recession. However, if you can put all of that aside for just a bit, then Ralph Szygenda who is the CIO at General … Read more