Cha-Cha Change Coming To IT In The Form Of Outsourcing?

I just happened to run across an interesting article in Baseline magazine awhile back that pointed out a very interesting trend in IT that just might impact all of us. The good folks over at Royal Dutch Shell (the world’s 3rd biggest oil company) have just announced a massive outsourcing deal with EDS/HP. They appear … Read more

Ethics Is SOOO Boring – Until You Are Going To Jail

I don’t know about you, but my eyes start to roll up into my head anytime I see an article with the word “ethics” in its title or if a speaker makes the mistake of saying “… let’s talk about ethics…”. Yeah, yeah I know that this is the wrong attitude and that if I’m … Read more

A Geek’s Guide To The Financial Melt-Down

Man – what a mess! I’m almost afraid to unwrap the paper each morning because the font size of the headlines seems to be getting bigger and bigger as the financial news gets worse and worse. Stock trading firms are going belly up, others are getting bought. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (who are they?) … Read more

Wicked Ways Of Managing Wicked IT Problems

Wicked IT problems can frustrate even the best of us – by their very nature, wicked IT problems have no solution (that’s why we call them “wicked” and not just “hard”). As we talked about last time, although you may not have the tools to solve these types of problems, you do have the tools … Read more

Managing Wicked IT Problems

So we’ve chatted about Wicked IT Strategy problems – these are the ones that you really can’t solve. Given that, you’ve got a couple of different things that you can do. The easiest is to throw your arms up in the air, say “this can’t be solved”, and then work very hard at getting promoted … Read more

Wicked, Wicked IT Strategy Problems

Some problems just can’t be solved. As an IT guy with an engineering background, I find this hard to believe – it goes against my grain. I mean, back in school I encountered lots of problems that at first blush appeared to be impossible to solve. However, once I had gotten a little deeper into … Read more

Stall Alert! How An IT Department Can Help

We’ve talked about how companies can get blindsided by entering an economic stall that they never saw coming. Now let’s wrap this discussion up with a quick overview of some steps that an IT department can take in order to help prevent the company from coming to grief. We’ll be talking about four different strategies … Read more