3 Options That CIOs Have To Consider: Build, Colocation, or Cloud

If there is one thing that I think that we can all agree on then it is that our data processing and storage needs continue to grow as the company comes to realize the importance of information technology. The person with the CIO job now has to find a way to deal with this explosive … Read more

Everything A CIO Needs To Know About Desktop Virtualization

Darn that 80/20 rule. CIOs realize that they are spending way too much money just keeping the IT systems that they’ve already deployed up and running. If only this task didn’t cost so much: then they could spend that money on bold new initiatives that would benefit the entire company. One of the most expensive … Read more

From Plumber To Partner: How IT Can Become Part Of A Company’s Success

Current industry wisdom estimates that companies end up spending 5% – 10% of their gross revenue on all things related to Information Technology. Ouch! That means for every $1M in revenue, the IT cost could reach up to $100,000. You do the math! In a recent article in Baseline magazine, Cary Westmark who is the … Read more