How Can A CIO (Or Anyone Else) Find A Mentor?

I’m sure that you’ve heard from many other places that you need a mentor. Mentoring is sorta like that networking thing. You know that it’s probably a good thing to be doing. However, you’re not quite sure how to get started with it and so it seems to always end up on your “should do” … Read more

Ethics Is SOOO Boring – Until You Are Going To Jail

I don’t know about you, but my eyes start to roll up into my head anytime I see an article with the word “ethics” in its title or if a speaker makes the mistake of saying “… let’s talk about ethics…”. Yeah, yeah I know that this is the wrong attitude and that if I’m … Read more

Are You A Stuck-In-The-Mud CIO? Here’s How To Save Your Career

Most CIOs that say that their departments have become “a part of the company’s strategic planning process” are just flat out lying. In reality, CIOs are struggling to change how they are viewed in the company and likewise how everyone who works for them is viewed. Sounds like we all need some guidance here. Current … Read more