7 Ways To Rebuild An IT Department After A Global Recession

Ugg, nobody likes a global recession especially those of us who have the CIO job. However, now that it appears to pretty much be over, the big question is just exactly how are we supposed to go about rebuilding the IT department. Bad things happened during the recession and everyone in the IT department knows […]

4 Ways For CIOs To Do A Better Job Of Interviewing

The person who has the CIO job (you) has a huge responsibility that is even bigger than the importance of information technology is to your company – you need to make sure that the right people are attracted to your IT department and that you hire the best of the best. The only problem with […]

How CIOs Can Ace Giving Interviews

One of the most important jobs that CIOs do which is an even bigger deal these days given the importance of information technology, is to interview candidates who would like to join their IT department. As important as this job is, very few of us have ever been trained on how to properly conduct an […]

How CIOs Can Prepare For The Arrival Of Semantic Databases

By now I hope that we’re all aware that Big Data has arrived in everyone’s IT department. As CIOs struggle to determine how best store this tsunami of data, they are facing an even bigger question that begs to be answered: how are they going to manage the data in a way that will allow […]