6 thoughts on “What A CIO Needs To Know About Creating A Twitter Strategy”

  1. Jim raises a very good point with this article. While social media can be a great marketing tool, It can completely destroy a company’s image if used the wrong way. It is getting harder and harder to manage social media strategies from an IT front as mobile devices and apps for social media are readily available and content posted by employees cannot be controlled by IT for their private accounts. Employees should be aware that even if they are updating their own personal social media sites they are still part of a company as a whole. It is easier to manage a personal company social media account for the Company as a whole, but much harder when it comes to company controlling stakeholders private accounts. It is going to be a freedom of speech issue as well. How does a CIO actually control what is said or who says it? There can be policies in the company to prevent comments that can be offensive etc but the problem arises when we say How do we control the message? I think one can argue here for both sides. The internet should be about freedom of expression and speech but one should also consider other peoples feelings and emotions when writing on the Internet. I think it would end up having to be a matter of good judgement on the people that write on twitter or other social media platforms. One has to ask oneself “is this something I would say if my audience was sitting in front of me?” before writing anything on a social media site.


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