Monthly Archives: August 2010

3 Letters That Show A CIO How To Add Value: BPM

If you’ve spent any time being in a leadership role on a firm, you know that there is one annual task that nobody likes to do – budgeting. It’s a pain in the butt, you’re pretty much just guessing, and the final results never seem to have anything to do […]

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What Do CIOs And Rupert Murdoch Have In Common?

Times they are a changing. Once upon a time a CIO only had to worry about making sure the email servers stayed up and everyone thought that he / she was doing a great job. That’s no longer enough. Now CIOs are viewed as being the hub of a company’s […]

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More IT Regulation: Is It A Good Thing For CIOs?

Software is all around us. CIOs depend on it to keep the company up and running. If for some reason, a company’s critical applications stop running, run incorrectly, or divulge private data to bad guys, there’s a good chance that the company is going to quickly have a new CIO. […]

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