Time To Think About IT In A New Way

How To Align IT With The Business
How To Align IT With The Business

In the past, the IT department was left alone and was only noticed if something stopped working (like email!) However, in the 21st Century IT has become a critical part of how business competes. The problem is that very few firms have figured out how to evolve from treating IT as a simple cost center to using it as a competitive advantage.

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, sorry — it just doesn’t exist. However, there are some very specific, concrete things that innovative IT departments are doing that can dramatically change how a business thinks about IT. The key is to align what the IT department and its staff do with what the rest of the business does in order to create a more powerful firm. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it’s not. But now you’ve found this blog and we can spend some time talking about how to make what seems impossible to happen.

3 thoughts on “Time To Think About IT In A New Way”

  1. I have to agree, an IT department should not be ignored until needed. Preventative measures should be taken to ensure smooth sailing. Also, why would you keep an entire department for IT if your system do not need them daily?

  2. Well true to an extent but when problems come up sometimes you need more than a couple of people.
    When computers have no moving parts then your IT staff should be working from there home then we would not have to waist time driving to work and paying for ridiculous gas prices that greedy American business men have caused prices to sky rocket. Then IT will have its place. I mean after all if we are not needed as much let’s see how it goes from home. That probably won’t happen because it’s all about control and power and money so sad.

  3. Hmm, all good points. However, IMHO I think that things are approaching a tipping point in IT. The basic stuff having to do with boxes, OSs, and networks are more and more being viewed as a drag on the company. The real interesting stuff has to do with the information that the company needs to be successful.

    So here’s a thought, at the firms that you work at, who in the upper levels of IT department has been getting promoted in the the last two years or so? Has it been the folks who manage the boxes or the folks who have had a success on some “special project” that was closely aligned with a business unit?

    In my neck of the woods (telecom), the IT folks who have worked on the next-gen service offerings are the ones who have been getting promoted. I think this is a trend that is going to pick up speed. What do you think?

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