Monthly Archives: October 2013

6 Ways A CIO Can Shake Everything Up

Sometimes you just have to change everything. When you get the CIO job great things are going to be expected of you. Everyone understands the importance of information technology and so they are going to be looking at you with the assumption that you have all of the answers. Of […]

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CIOs And The Problem With Food Stamps

I’m hoping that you are not familiar with the U.S. food stamp program. This is a government funded program that provides people who are living below the poverty line with money that can only be spent on food. Clearly it’s a critical program that demonstrates the importance of information technology […]

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CIO Lessons From The Rollout Of The U.S. Healthcare Software

As CIOs we can always be learning about the importance of information technology by watching what other IT organizations are doing. A fantastic opportunity has just shown up in the U.S. As part of the Obamacare overhaul of how healthcare is provided to U.S. citizens, a new web site has […]

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