We’re Moving! – Trademark Problems & Such

This Blog Got Surprised By A Trademark Issue - Be Careful!
This Blog Got Surprised By A Trademark Issue - Be Careful!

Note: This is a re-posting of this note because I screwed up the RSS feed and it didn’t go out to everyone – here’s one more try!

This blog is going to have to be renamed and moved to a different URL and so today I present you with a lesson for our modern times: a quick overview of trademark law.

The Problem

We seem to have bumped into a bit of a problem at this blog – we’ve become too popular!

I’ve been notified that the name of this blog has been trademarked by an IT shop operating out of Dallas. They tasked their lawyer to send me a “cease and desist” notice. Wow – sure seems sorta heavy handed when an email or a phone call would have done the trick.

The Solution

The issue is that the name of the blog and its content are too close to what the trademark holder does for a business. Attempts to reach a negotiated agreement have failed, and so this blog is being renamed to The Accidental Successful CIO and moved to a different URL: http://www.TheAccidentalSuccessfulCIO.com.

Please update any bookmarks or other links to the old blogs name that you might have. The lawyers will only allow me to keep the old URL working for a short time.

Next Steps

You are going to have to visit the new blog web site and re-subscribe to the RSS feed – sorry, there’s no other way that I’m aware of:


Don’t even get me started on what one has to do in order to ever-so-delicately rename multiple MySQL data tables!

You, dear reader, will be the final judge – did I break any of my links to you? Hopefully not and if I did then I apologize in advance.

I’m so steamed about how I was notified and treated by the trademark holder that I am now going to re-dedicate myself to this blog and try to provide you with the best business focused IT content that you can find anywhere on the web! Thanks for your understanding during the move.


Dr. Jim Anderson