5 Things That A CIO Needs To Know About Risk

How much time every day do you spend thinking about risk? No matter what your answer was, I’m willing to bet that considering the importance of information technology you are not spending enough time on this important subject. Every person who has the CIO job knows that there are risks all around us each and … Read more

CIOs Need To Get Involved In Some Risky Business

What You Don’t Know About Risk Might Hurt You Does anyone besides me remember the movie “Risky Business” from the ‘80s? You know, it’s the one that launched Tom Cruise’s career – he plays a kid who takes some big chances, has an adventure, and then ends up with the girl in the end. Well, … Read more

Risk Management In IT: How Do You Do It Correctly?

The financial melt-down of 2008 had at its core one simple mistake that a whole bunch of companies made at the same time: they did a lousy job of risk management. They made investments in things that were very risky without realizing just how risky they really were. IT departments face the same challenges: at … Read more