What CIOs Need To Do In Order To Get Some Respect

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An Article Over At CIOZone.com Talks About CIO Respect
An Article Over At CIOZone.com Talks About CIO Respect

When you become CIO things are going to be different aren’t they? You’ll be one of those CIOs that has the respect of both their peers in the company and in their industry, right?

Lisa Yoon over at CIOZone.com just got done interviewing me for an article that she was writing titled “CIOs and the Road to Validation in the C-Suite”. I think that she’s done a pretty good job of answering the question of what CIOs need to do in order to get some credibility.

For her article, Lisa and I had a free ranging discussion that covered a lot of different points. The big issues that we touched on included just exactly why today’s CIO’s don’t seem to be able get a seat at the company’s planning table with the other C-level executives.

The reason that I think that you might want to pop over and take a look at Lisa’s article is that instead of just talking about the problem, we also discussed what an up and coming CIO (like you) needs to do. I don’t want to give the answer away, but let’s say that just like with everything else in life it has to do with who you know…

What do you think that a CIO needs to do in order to get a seat at the company’s strategic planning table?

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