Monthly Archives: March 2012

Why CIOs May Be The Company’s Biggest Security Risk

The world is a very dangerous place. Your IT department has lots and lots of data on its computers that bad people would like to get their hands on. Thank goodness your company has taken care to secure every way that there is for outsiders to get into your company’s […]

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3 Steps CIOs Can Take To Make Innovation Happen For Their IT Department

“Be more innovative” – how many times has your CEO told you that? Although being innovative isn’t really part of the definition of information technology, CIOs still want their IT department to always be ahead of what their internal customers want. We’d like to be able to have our IT […]

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CIO Skills: The Problem With Unhappy IT Employees Who Leave

In tough times, every CIO has seen their share of IT workers leave the company. Sometimes they leave because they find a job that they think will be a better fit for them or sometimes the company tells them to leave. No matter what the cause, the one thing that […]

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Why CIOs Can’t Pay Attention And What To Do About It

How’s that job going CIO? Do you find yourself and your IT department more and more often with too much to do and too few hands with which to do it? If so then maybe both of you are suffering from “CIO Attention Deficit Syndrome”. What can you do about […]

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