Monthly Archives: December 2011

Great CIOs Aren’t Afraid To Stumble On The Way To The Top

A quick question for you: are you afraid to fail? Would you be willing to take on responsibility for an IT department that might not be a success? I’m willing to bet that a lot of us would say “no” – CIOs who are perfect are rewarded while CIOs who […]

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Can IT Become Too “Green”?

I’m green, you’re green, all of IT is going green. Ok, so this sure sounds like a good thing to do and I’m all for saving the planet and such, but is it really worth it? I mean we’re still dealing with the aftereffects of that global recession thing and […]

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Do You Have Enough Personal Energy To Be CIO?

So what’s it going to take to make you a successful CIO? Is it going to be your understanding of a wide variety of the IT sector’s emerging technologies? Is it your ability to understand where the company stands in the marketplace and where it wants to go? Or is […]

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Video: The 5 Secret Characteristics Of A Truly Great CIO

  Dr. Jim Anderson looks into why so many high-profile CIOs have been getting fired lately — could it be because they weren’t great CIOs? Dr. Anderson identifies the 5 different things that every CIO needs to do in order to become a great CIO. Get a free subscription to […]

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