Monthly Archives: July 2011

Video: Do You Have An IT Dictionary?

Dr. Jim Anderson explains why IT departments have such a hard time communicating with the rest of the business — we use too many terms to describe the same things! Dr. Anderson explains the idea behind an IT dictionary and then presents a case study of Best Buy who was […]

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CIOs Are Learning That Clouds Aren’t Free

CIOs are currently being faced with making a decision that will impact their IT departments for years to come: should they move their IT operations into the cloud and if so, should it be a public cloud or a private cloud? There are a number of technical issues that can […]

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Free Answers From Google On How CIOs Can Be Better Managers

One of the biggest challenges that modern CIOs face is how to do a good job of managing their IT department. The burden of making the right technology decisions, managing budgets, and meeting the needs of the rest of the company is challenging enough, but what can make or break […]

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