Monthly Archives: February 2011

How Guilty Are CIOs (and IT) In The Global Financial Crisis?

Global financial crises are no fun. Those of us in IT find ourselves just like everyone else standing around and scratching our heads trying to figure out just what happened. It turns out that IT may have been a big part of the problem – we are part of the […]

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Don’t Hang Up! How CIOs Can Add Value

So at a high level, we all know that a CIO can add value to how a company is run. We know that by managing the IT department and motivating the IT staff, the CIO can keep the email system up and the network running. However, that’s not good enough. […]

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First Things First: 3 Questions Every New CIO Needs To Be Asking

No matter if you’ve just been made CIO at your firm or if you are joining a new company as its CIO, you are going to be facing the same problem: what do you need to do first? Make the wrong decision and your time as CIO may be very […]

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