Monthly Archives: December 2010

3 Skills That Most CIOs Are Missing

I’m guessing that you wouldn’t go to work naked. Then why-oh-why are you thinking about eventually becoming a CIO when you don’t have all of the skills that you’ll need to do the job correctly? I’m not sure if this is going to make you feel any better, but it […]

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Everything A CIO Needs To Know About Desktop Virtualization

Darn that 80/20 rule. CIOs realize that they are spending way too much money just keeping the IT systems that they’ve already deployed up and running. If only this task didn’t cost so much: then they could spend that money on bold new initiatives that would benefit the entire company. […]

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IT Savvy: What Does It Mean And Do You Have It?

Every modern company should have an IT department. Every company should have a smoothly running IT department that adds value to everything the company does. I’m betting that most companies have about 50% of what they need – they’ve got an IT department. What’s missing is a way to transform […]

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