Monthly Archives: June 2010

Open Source: Godsend Or Highway To Somewhere Else…?

What if software was free? Every CIO has to stop and ask themselves this question every once in awhile. With the cost of ERP and database systems constantly increasing, software costs can quickly become a significant expense for any IT department. The “Open Source” software movement, born in the days […]

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CIOs Need To Use Lessons Learned During The Dot-Com Crash To Do Well Now

When you become a CIO, you will have the chance to be leading the IT department when the next global recession hits. I don’t care if you’ve got a list of Cisco technical certifications as long as your arm after your title and the fanciest MBA degree available, there’s no […]

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Don’t Think That There’s Business Value In IT? Try The IT-CMF…

As though running an IT department wasn’t enough, now CIOs are being asked to become more valuable to the business – to start thinking about the company’s bottom line. What part of running a company’s cost center are they missing? It sure seems as though the pressure on CIOs to […]

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Just For You: The Accidental Successful CIO Newsletter

It is with a great deal of pride that I am finally able to announce that free subscriptions to The Accidental Successful CIO Newsletter are now available! Subscribe to The Accidental Successful CIO Newsletter now: Click Here! Why A Newsletter? Why Now? You might be asking why I felt the […]

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CIO’s With No Time Find An Alternative To An MBA

As CIO wanna-be’s who live in troubling times we are always trying to do two things: hold on to our jobs and be more successful. One of the best ways to do both of these, or so we have been told, is to go out and get an MBA. Well […]

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Lights, Camera, CIO!

I hope that you wore your good clothes to work today, because there’s a pretty fair chance that you might end up on video sometime during the day. The arrival of low-cost video cameras and high quality video processing software has effectively made it ridiculously easy to create multimedia content. […]

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